“Well, Coach, we went to McDonald’s, and….”

When I was in Canada this summer, my Street Invaders team went to McDonald’s after our night off. There was a large group of indigenous youth hanging waiting in line as we were waiting for our food/drinks, and I noticed most of them were wearing athletic gear. Now, that week we were doing a kids sports camp and one of the fields where we were doing some of the sports events was right by another field where a big First Nations sports tournament was going on. I asked one of the guys if that’s what they were a part of, and he said yes.

We got talking about it a bit and he mentioned he tore a ligament in his knee when playing soccer, and it made it so he couldn’t play any games since. We talked about how frustrating that was for him, before I started to explain what we were doing in the city. Long story short, I ended up praying for his knee, and Jesus healed it completely and instantly. He started to freak out a bit. “Dude, it doesn’t hurt anymore!”¬†

A moment later, his friend says “can it work for my ankle too?”

“Of course”

We prayed.

Ankle healed too.

I started sharing the gospel with them, and then the first guy ended up having his order called out, right before¬†they both left. I noticed 3 other guys that had been watching us when I was praying for those two. I approached one and he said “Man, that was pretty cool!”

“Yeah man!” I said, “Do you have anything you need healing from?”

“Yeah my knee is ****ed up”

“Ok, let’s pray”

We pray.


Guys freaks out.

His friend comes up, points at his shoulder, and didn’t even say anything. I had to pull out of him “do you have something wrong with your shoulder?”

*nods head*

“What’s your name?”

*Super quite whisper:* “Troy”

Again we prayed,

Again, shoulder healed right away.

From there, I got to share about Jesus. It seems like these guys had heard almost nothing about Him before, which for me has often been a rarity when ministering to non-foreigners in Saskatchewan. But I got to pretty clearly share Jesus’ heart with these guys in a way I don’t think they’d ever heard or experienced before.


Leaving McDonald’s with my team after all this happened, I couldn’t help but have two thoughts run through my mind.

First, how amazing of a God do we have, that He would open the door for His Love to impact hearts that knew nothing of Him, in a McDonald’s of all places! And on our day off! We weren’t doing anything that would make one think that Jesus was about to touch people’s lives. We had just come from playing laser-tag! But He came and moved in that McDonald’s lineup anyway. How awesome is that!

Second, then was this: I so wish I could be a bug on the wall when those 4 go and talk to their coaches about the remainder of the competition, because you know the impact of this isn’t just going to stay in those individual’s lives. Think of how those teams were impacted with their players able to play again.


“So coach, remember how I tore that ligament?”

“Yeah, Billy. It’s a real shame you can’t play. You’re one of our best players.”

“Yeah, about that… Actually, coach, my ankle is good now, I can play again.”

“Come again? What are you taking about?”

“Well, coach, I was in the line at McDonald’s and…..”

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