The Guy on the Bench

December 12, 2017 Josh 3

Quick story about how God is moving in the Middle East, even in the midst of conflicts in the region. My friend and I were […]

A Decade Without Food

November 7, 2017 Josh 0

  The Background In the book, “A Wind In the House of Islam“, David Garrison makes a stunning claim that is worth us taking into […]

From the Streets

August 19, 2017 Josh 0

Quick story from this summer’s Street Invaders. Went out a couple of nights ago for 45 min to share Jesus. One of the girls in […]

A story about Derek

November 28, 2016 Josh 1

Regina, SK My team of Street Invaders are here for a week to serve and bring the power of Jesus’ gospel to “the hood” of the city. […]

Refugees and Our Safety?

July 1, 2016 Josh 0

Are they safe? I was asked recently about crime among refugees, and I’ve seen a lot this last few weeks floating around the internet about how […]